ESG Clean Energy IDIQ Contract

ESG Clean Energy IDIQ Brochure


The purpose of the Clean Energy Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract for Non-Critical Priority Countries (Non-CPCs) is to provide technical assistance services to implement U.S. Government initiatives in all of the countries USAID assists worldwide with the exception of those USAID has identified as Critical Priority Countries (CPCs).

Six Key Themes

  • Clean Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Poverty
  • Energy Sector Governance
  • Energy Security
  • Energy Sector Reform

Activities Across the Key Themes

  • Developing Strategies and Activity Designs
  • Creating Enabling Environments for Clean Energy Development and Sector Reform
  • Incorporating Climate Change into Mission Programs
  • Increasing Human Resources and Institutional Capacity to Provide Energy Services
  • Fostering Private Sector Participation and Investment
  • Facilitating Innovative Financing Approaches
  • Assessing the Environmental Implications of Energy Services
  • Improving Disaster Preparations, Responses, and Recovery

Links to Other Development Sectors

  • Democracy and Governance
  • Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Rehabilitation
  • Economic Growth and Trade (poverty alleviation, private investment, enterprise development & finance)
  • Education
  • Climate Change
  • Human Population and Health
  • Social Development and Gender Equality
  • Reconstruction
  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management (water and forestry)
  • Urban Development

Points of Contact 

Francois Bosselut
IDIQ Contract Manager
Energy and Security Group, LLC
1950 Roland Clarke Place, Ste 310
Reston, VA 20191
Office Phone: +1 703-464-0561